Saturday, March 28, 2009

First Chicago show last night for Yuki

We played at Darkroom, a sexy and chill bar in Chicago last night with Tiger Spirit and The Village. It was sponsored by KEXP radio in Seattle, Goose Island 312 beer and The Onion. It was for KEXP's monthly Equalizer event, in which local/regional bands are featured.

Darkroom's decor is right up my alley--red walls, black booths, and erotic photos lining the walls. The tables are covered in a metallic glitter that looks good when the lights are low, and the bar itself features a two vintage cash registers, creating an atmosphere that was fun and easy on the eyes. And, most importantly, it has a nice sound system.

We played first and rocked out, if I do say so myself. It's so nice to play in front of new people. Tiger Spirit followed and, as a hometown band, had a pretty nice crowd. It turns out that Tony knows 3/5 of the band from his straight-edge/hardcore years in Birthright, so it they had a lot of fun reconnecting and recounting the exploits of years gone by. As their blog says, they create "slow burning layered songs." Their singer is rather hypnotic and has obviously listened to loads and loads of PJ Harvey, which is in no way a bad thing. We look forward to bringing them to Indy for a show with us hopefully sometime this summer.

KEXP interviewed all of the bands for an Equalizer video feature they put together after every month's event. We were up for ours immediately after coming off stage, so we were pretty dazed still and in true irreverent form. Conversations involving the four of us tend to go in strange and ridiculous directions, so the results should be hilarious and somewhat cringe-inducing. They'll likely edit it down to only 20-30 seconds, which should work in our favor :)

The KEXP folks are hard-working volunteers, so it may be a minute before last night's video feature is posted, but if you're interested, look for it here.

We had a great time hanging with Chicago friends we don't get to see very often (two of whom were most gracious hosts for our overnight lodgings--THANK YOU!), and fun was had by all. We even bought some moonshine from an unlikely source.

I think we'll do it again sometime :)

PS--Haven't heard Yuki yet? Check us out here.

Monday, March 23, 2009

New kitty pictures

Taken while enjoying the beautiful spring weather and grilling out on Sunday....