Saturday, April 4, 2009

Current favorite kitty links

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Cat Prin (English version, but the Japanese version has many more pictures) Cat Prin is a popular online clothing store for cats.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Emotionally tired.

In fact, more like exhausted...

Tony and I have been trying to get pregnant for one year and seven months. Why did I worry so much about getting pregnant for all those years? I could have saved my money on birth control, that's for sure.

The doctors are absolutely drowning me in hormones, and it's driving me crazy, literally. This is a very lonely experience, and I'm beginning to wonder how long I can do it. It's isolating in every way...I don't recognize myself anymore. I've always been sweet, cheerful and outgoing; now I'm bitchy, short-tempered, sad and don't feel interested in things I normally love. I can't get the word "broken" out of my head...why won't my body work?

I've always wanted to be a mom; I never realized how much of my confidence and self-worth was wrapped up in this one event. If I can't get pregnant, it will force me to relearn who I am now and rethink who I will be in the future.

I've been scared to write this, scared to reveal to the outside world how terrible I feel right now. But it's starting to kill me to keep it in, and not very many people read this blog anyway :) My dear friend Kikii advised that I start writing down my thoughts, lest they poison me while hidden away in my head, and I guess she's right.

So, here it is. Not fun, not cheerful, not comfortable to read. Not to live either, unfortunately.

More positive postings to come, I promise!

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Yay! I've been chosen.

I'm super-excited to announce that I've been chosen as a vendor for the upcoming INDIEana Handicraft Exchange, to be held June 13, 2009 here in Indianapolis, IN. It's run by an awesome group of crafters and handmade lovers and has drawn bigger crowds each year.

Check out further details at:

Now, I've got to get to work making everything I'm going to sell. It's going to be quite a busy summer.