Monday, July 20, 2009

How to plant a vegetable garden

"Fun, dirty and gratifying"

How I did it:

  1. Researched soil enrichment and plants on the internet; watched the sun pattern for a few days to determine where sunlight hits the plot and for how many hours

  2. Created a budget for the project

  3. Bought soil enrichment materials

  4. Hired someone to till the soil enrichment materials into the plot

  5. Created a layout for the planting, after researching what plants should and should not be planted next to each other and what plant supports are required for each

  6. Bought plants, tomato cages and a trellis for the cucumbers

  7. Put them in the ground, cooing encouragement to them all the way

  8. Set tomato cages and trellis in place

  9. Water extensively (a sprinkler is a godsend)

  10. Put a 3" layer of mulch down one week after planting

  11. Continue watering frequently, enough to provide 1 - 3" of water per week (depending on your climate)

  12. Talk to your plants regularly during weeding sessions and daily check-in's

  13. Harvest vegetables as they mature....Yay!

Lessons & tips:

  • Listening to your favorite music makes every task more enjoyable

  • Plant summer squash with a lot of space between it and other spreads, and the leaves will cover everything else around it.

  • Take photographs of every stage, so you can track the garden's progress (and show off your handiwork to the world!)

  • Buy the largest tomato cages you can find and be prepared to make tee-pee supports out of 6' (or taller) wood garden stakes--set them in place around each plant to form a 3-sided tee-pee shape, lash them together tightly at the top, pound them into the ground with a rubber mallet and then secure the vines to it as needed using strips of nylon hose or old socks.

Resources: You Grow Girl website
Better Homes & Gardens website
My parents :)

It took me 3 weeks.

It made me Satisfied